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Affordable Event Wi-Fi

Save money on expensive venue or hotel Internet using SkyFi

Full Service

Complete Internet solutions for corporate events, conferences, special events, meetings, and trade shows. SkyFi manages the entire process - you and your clients just connect. Let us see if we can save you money.

Self Service

Our SkyFi Internet Kit contains everything needed for a small Wi-Fi network. Ships directly to your event site - you or your staff then just unpack and turn on the Internet for your event. Starting at $399/day to rent.

Road Ready Hardware

SkyFi's custom hardware works where others fail

Ruggized Hardware

Aluminum case with high performance antennas. Industrial LTE modem and high-powered CPU inside.

Meshable Capacity

Link multiple hotspots together for truly scalable Internet bandwidth.

Customizable Wi-Fi

Use Wi-Fi to increase engagement with your audience using SkyFi's customized marketing solutions.


Multi-carrier 4G LTE

Up to 100 Mbps in select areas.

5 Ghz Wi-Fi

Avoid the crowded 2.4 Ghz spectrum - supports latest 802.11ac standards.

Fiber Optic and Gigabit Ethernet

Link devices at up to 550 meters (1804 feet) via multi-mode fiber optic.

Intelligent Routing

Automatically optimizes the network - no configuration needed.

Wi-Fi Marketing

Custom captive portal to increase social media activity, drive action, or just add your logo.

Backup Internet

Avoid costly network outages. Use SkyFi with your existing internet connection to add redundancy.

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